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Full-stack solutions...

Enabled by their self-developing AI algorithms and Deep & Machine Learning framework,  SenseTime interfaces real-world challenges with full-stack solutions integrated by an ecosystem of smart devices and AI platforms, helping public and private entities to outperform their business and operational activities

...for commercial scenarios:

  • Support with highly compatible APIs and SDKs for each solution

  • Operational management and analytics system

  • On-premise or cloud server and data storage for different business requirements

  • Easy and scalable deployment even for long-tail market

SenseNebula AIE

SenseNebula AIE architecture.png

Hardware and software integrated AI box to transform IP cameras into intelligence system

SenseLink AIoT software.png

AIoT Platform to manage Device / User / Event for enterprise uses



SenseStudio Giải pháp AI ứng dụng cho doanh nghiệp, nhà máy và thành phố thông minh.png

AI-enabled platform that brings advanced experience of SenseTime's Computer Vision for business uses

SenseStudio ID

Trusted by clients from top security state-owned entities and financial service enterprises



Tailor-made for cultural / tourism / entertainment business scenarios



For large-scale and open-space business operations or public services

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