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Core Technologies

Công nghệ lõi SenseTime: Facial and body analysis

Facial verification and Body Analysis​​​

  • Identity verification

  • Portrait/Selfie beautification

  • Body feature point

Công nghệ lõi SenseTime: Robot Sensing and Control

Robot Sensing and Control

  • Robot Simulation Platform

  • Object picking guided by 3D vision

Công nghệ lõi SenseTime: High Volume Video Analysis and Mining

High Volume Video Analysis and Mining

  • Video content analysis

  • Video content structuralization

Công nghệ lõi SenseTime: Medical Imaging Analysis

Medical Imaging Analysis

  • Lesion detection and locating

  • Matching of multimodal data

Công nghệ lõi SenseTime: Intelligent Cabin

Intelligent Cabin

  • Face verification-enabled unlocking

  • Gaze tracking

  • Gesture tracking

  • Drowsiness detection

Công nghệ lõi SenseTime: Video and Image Processing Enhancement

Video and Image  Enhancement

  • Super-resolution restoration

  • Dehazing

  • Filter effects

Công nghệ lõi SenseTime: Deep learning platform

AI Supercomputing Platform

  • High performance AI storage

  • Machine & Deep Learning

Công nghệ lõi SenseTime: Standardized and Professional Image Recognition

Standardized and Image Recognition

  • Scene recognition

  • Satellite image analysis

Công nghệ lõi SenseTime: Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving

  • Pedestrian and vehicle detection

  • HD map and localization

  • Path planning, decision making and control

Công nghệ lõi SenseTime: SLAM and 3D Vision

SLAM and 3D Vision

  • Real time dense 3D reconstruction

  • Light cross-platform AR/VR engine

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