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SenseEngines M020s / FACIAL MODULES 


SenseEngines M020s

Product description

  • SenseEngines M020s is a camera module which can enable the intelligence tranformation of small scale systems by its USB plug-and-play implementation

Product highlights

  • Equipped with two optic lenses (RGB + IR) in a compact module

  • Spoofing prevention is included as standard

  • Adaptable to various environments such as strong light, dim light, and strong black light

  • Supporting OS: Linux, Window, Android

  • Power switch and USB interface: Micro USB

Facial verification performance

  • Supporting multiple faces detection and with-mask/with-glasses/with-beard detection

  • Face verification function: 1:1 and 1:N

  • Number of registered faces: 20,000 people

  • Verification accuracy: 99%

  • Verification distance: 0.5〜1.5m

  • Verification time: 0.3s

Some Applications

SenseEngines - Login to the factory machine.png

Login to the factory machine
[Factories and Warehouses]

SenseEngines-Enter the room easily.png

Enter the room easily
[Large apartment]

SenseEngines-Add authentication methods.png

Add authentication methods
[Offices/financial institutions]

SenseEngines-Automated reception with face recognition.png

Face verification-enabled payment through a touch panel
[Restaurants/ Vending machines]

SenseEngines-Manage employees or team members through face recognition.png

Manage employees or team members through face verification
[Retail Stores/Facilities]

SenseEngines-Face recognition payment through a touch panel.png

Automated reception with face verification
[Medical institutions]

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